West Leeds District Scout Shop

We are pleased to announce that the West Leeds District Scout Shop will be opening to all customers again from Friday 18th June

The opening hours will be”

Friday 5.30 – 7.00pm

Saturday 10am – 4pm

Please read these rules for when you are using the shop so that both staff and customers stay as safe as possible:

We expect everyone to wear a mask on entry to the shop and throughout their visit.  We ask that those who are medically exempt from wearing masks get someone else to visit instead. 

You will need to queue at the outside door (this will be signposted) with 2m gaps between customers, and wait to be invited into the shop by one of the volunteer staff.   There will be 2 staff and 2 customers in the shop at one time.  If you are the only one queueing and we haven’t seen you, please wait at the door and shout to attract our attention.  Only one adult with one child will be counted as a customer.  Other children or adults must stay outside.

Please sanitise at the station as you come into the shop (and if you want to as you leave) and maintain social distancing as much as possible while in the shop.

You will not be able to try on uniform in the shop.  We will though refund you should you buy something and it needs to be changed.  Please retain the receipt and packaging until you are sure you are keeping clothing.  Returned goods will be quarantined for a week before being returned to the shelves.

Payment by card is still preferred (over £10) but cheques and cash will be accepted too.

The click and collect order system will remain in place so that those who wish to use it to order goods can still do so.  You will be notified by email when the order is ready to collect, and you can come at any time we are open to collect it.  Just join the queue.  We aim to get the orders ready on Fridays for collection from Saturday onwards but if there are lots of customers, there may be a delay.

If you have a large order then please try to use the Click and Collect system.

If you know you are going to need 20 or more of a particular badge, please give us as much warning as possible.  You can put a message on the click and collect form as well as that will come directly to me.

Please don’t all rush to the shop at once.  We know that lots of Scout groups are starting up again and the young people and leaders need uniform and badges but if it can wait a couple of weeks, please do so.  Traditionally Saturday afternoons are our quieter times.

As some of you know, I have’ thrown in at the deep end’ as far as managing the shop goes so I still have a lot to learn.  Thank you for your support and patience over the last few months and I am anticipating some will be needed over the next few.  It will be great to see you in person sometime soon though.

Heather Taylor

West Leeds District Scout Shop Manager



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