Scouting is for all ages!

If your child is between five and six and wants to join Beavers
then register them with a Group on their waiting list.

Boys and girls between six and eight


Boys and girls aged between eight and ten and a half


For boys and girls between the ages of ten and a half and fourteen


For male and female young people
between fourteen and eighteen


For male and female young adults
between the ages of eighteen and twenty five



There are several positions for adults over 18 in Scouting.

Leadership, accepting the responsibility of running a Section.

Sectional Assistant: To support the Leaders within a Section.

Occasional Helper: To provide an extra pair of hands, possibly once a month, or to teach the youngsters a new skill, baking, handicraft, sport.

Member of the Group Executive: To help manage the running of the Group.

Fund Raising Committee: To organise social activities to raise extra income.

District Active Support: Help out at District events and socialise.