Madge Hill

Madge Hill Campsite is West Leeds District Campsite

Madge Hill is a moorland site approximately 3 miles ENE of Pateley Bridge, and in sight of the famous Brimham Rocks,
at an altitude of 270 metres. The postcode for the Madge Hill housing complex opposite the site gate is HG3 5EW.

Location of Madge Hill and surrounding attractions


The bunkhouse will sleep 8 – 10 people on wooden bunks, (camping mats or
air beds required). Heating in the bunkhouse is from a potbelly stove.
During the night the bunkhouse can be lit using the lights which are run
off a solar panel and 12v battery. There is also the facility of powering
in-car phone chargers and other 12v appliances.

The bunkhouse is equipped with a 4 burner gas stove fitted with a regulator.
To use this a RED propane cylinder fitted with a female thread outlet is required.


Whilst using the cooking shelter and campsite please ensure all Scouts
are supervised at the fire, and chop wood in an area outside of the cooking shelter.
The cooking shelter is equipped with a 4 burner gas stove and regulator.

Again to use this a RED propane cylinder fitted with a female thread outlet is needed.


Water is available from taps at the side of the bunkhouse and also next
to the cooking shelter. The water is supplied from the housing borehole pump,
so please use it sparingly. All water is chlorinated and safe to drink. In the
event of a leak the water can be turned off by the gate at the site entrance.


The sawdust closet toilet is situated by the trees at the far edge of the main camping area. Please follow the usage instructions on the inside of the toilet door.

Please be aware that Madge Hill Campsite is used as grazing land for sheep

 at certain times of the year, please take care when in this environment.

Nidderdale is an area of outstanding natural beauty
so plan ahead to make the most of your visit.

for more information or booking use the contact us form below or ring our Campsite Manager, Stuart McGowan on 0113 2193691